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Houlton, ME - Early 1900's
Welcome to Houlton ReClassified ... a journey through the days of Houlton past. Re-live the days when you could buy a new car for under $500 dollars, have dinner at the Black Hawk Inn, sip a spot of tea at the Green Parrot Tea Room, and discover an age old cure for the "piles" You might even visit some old relatives. 

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Old Advertisements 1910 - 1930
Green Parot Tea Room / Black Hawk Inn Houlton Grange Store
S.L. White - Piles /Bladder Weakness Houlton Permanent Salon
J. K. McKay - Chevy Roadster $495 Temple Theater / Jimmy Evans Revue
Baltimore Lunch Snell House
O.F. French - Woman fears gas! Houlton Home For Sale $6000
Skinner the Tailor / Boone's Elite Shoppe Waddington Studio / Tingley's Bakery 
Victor Records - Tarbell's Haley's Music Store
Houlton Business College / Richardson's Palmer's Shoe Store - NEW
Houlton Water Company - NEW Munro's West End Drug Store - NEW
Geo. A. Hall - G.E. Appliances - NEW Geo. S. Gentle Insurance - NEW
Ivey's Lunch - NEW St. Mary's Lawn Party - 1930 - NEW
Houlton Fair Association - NEW B& A Railroad Time Table 1930 NEW
The Porter's Studios - NEW Neal W. Gerrish Hunting Supplies
Dunn Furniture Company - NEW Millar's Candy Store - NEW
Houlton Foundry & Machine Co. - NEW Jackins & Jackins Movers - NEW
Old Photo's - Late 1800's - 1930
Landmark Buildings
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Houlton Court House - 1910 Bowdin Street School - 1910
Houlton Fire Station - 1912 Ricker Classical Institute - 1906
Houlton High School - 1907 Houlton Post Office - 1906
Aroostook Hospital - 1906 Madigan Hospital - 1908
Cary Library - Early 1900's  Meduxnekeag River Bridge - Early 1900's
Church Buildings
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First Baptist Church - 1906 St. Mary's Church - Early 1900's 
Free Baptist Church - 1907 Episcopal Church - Early 1900's
Methodist Church - 1908 Congregationalist Church - 1910
Presbyterian Church - Early 1920's
A View From The Streets
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North Road Bridge (Flood) - 1909 Highland Street Bridge - 1908
Kelleran Street - 1908 Outer Bangor Street - 1905
Upper Main Street - 1913 Military Street - (Corner High St) - 1913
Court Street - (Looking South) - 1913  Main Street - 1907
Market Square Business District
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Market Square 4th of July - 1908 Market Square Winter - 1906
Market Square (from Elks) - 1908 Horse & Sled Race - 1906 - (150K)
Court Street / Exchange Hotel - 1907 North Square Looking North East - 1907
South Square looking East - 1907 South Market Square Winter 1910
Great Places To Stay
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Snell House - Market Square Court Street / Exchange Hotel - 1907
Clark's Hotel - 1950's Northland Hotel - What's wrong with this picture?
A Day At Nickerson Lake
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Greene's Crescent Park Picnic Ad  Crescent Park - Photo facing south/west 
Lakewood - Photo taken from lake Lakewood - Photo facing south 
View from lake facing east View from lake facing north 
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